SingaSpeaks – Roar 80

SingaSpeaks – Roar 79

SingaSpeaks – Roar 78

SingaSpeaks – Roar 77

SingaSpeaks – Roar 76

SingaSpeaks – Roar 75

Roar 75 conveys “Shubha Vijaya” to all devotees and friends with choice pictures of the important event…

SingaSpeaks – Roar 74

Roar 74 describes the visit of Swami Divyanandaji to Singapore. During his visit, he addressed three meetings. During the Durga Puja, a Charity Art Exhibition was organised…

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Shubha Deepavali !

SingaSpeaks – Roar 73

The Roar 73 gives a glimpse of the Launch of Silver Jubilee Celebration by Swami Divyananda, a Trustee of the Ramakrishna Math. Belur Math and a Member of the Governing Body of the Ramakrishna Mission…

Invite for Sri Sri Durga Puja

SingaSpeaks – Roar 72

Roar 72 describes the two major functions – one Sri Krishna Janmashtami held on 14 August 2017 and another – a sequel to this function. The latter one was a Cultural programme where Children from the Hinduism classes participated…

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