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Food for Thought

Posted by svp on October 30, 2014

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Diwali Invite

Posted by svp on October 21, 2014

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Worship of Wisdom Goddess

Posted by svp on October 17, 2014

Children’s Retreat

Ramakrishna Centre takes special care of growing number of students in its congregations. There is a regular weekly class on Hinduism at every Sub-centre and its main centre. Annually all the children come together for staging the most memorable Children’s Cultural Function. Twice in a year the centre conducts a sort of Retreat for these children. These programmes make different aspects of our ancient wisdom and practice familiar to the children and youth.

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Navaratri – Day 7

Posted by svp on October 4, 2014

Navaratri – Day 7

Wednesday, the 1st October of navaratri was reserved for our Chatsworth Sub-centre. Kemmy and Prabha took me by their car in the evening. Just before my departure I witnessed a heavy shower of rains with clouds stunningly black.

As usual the Chairwoman of this Sub-centre Dolly had made arrangements for hot cup of tea. The assembled devotees in the beautifully decorated shrine sang Sri Saraswati Chalisa. This sounded exactly same to the usual tune of Sri Hanuman Chalisa. The three days starting from the 7th day to the 9th day were dedicated to the Goddess Mahasaraswati.

Explaining the meaning of the term Saraswati, my discourse went on to show how Swami Vivekananda gained prominence in USA after his celebrated first oration in the Parliament of Religions in 1893. It is now well-known that he made a mental prayer to Mother Saraswati before he began with the world shaking five words : Sisters and brothers of America.

Thereafter, my discourse went on to Holy Mother who was aptly described by Master that “She is Sarada, the giver of knowledge Saraswati”. The discussion revolved around how Holy Mother was an embodiment of wisdom.

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